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Velero Technology provides a comprehensive, practical, cost effective and scalable platform to help businesses to:

  • Select High Value Portfolio - Velero's solution assists clients in accurately determining the best combination of projects with strategic value and ROI within a portfolio of multiple priorities. This is a sophisticated optimization process that factors complex inputs of strategic value, budgets, resources, skill set profiles and scheduling.   
  • Business and Technology Alignment - Velero’s expertise and cutting-edge proprietary software helps businesses to effectively align Information Technology and Business goals.
  • Improve transparency and collaboration - Velero's solution improve transparency and collaboration between technology and business. Amidst tight budgets and often-limited resources, it is increasingly critical for organizations of all sizes to be nimble in their ability to adapt to changing strategies and circumstances and quickly implement new solutions. Information Technology and Business managers also need to collaborate more closely using transparent decision processes to determine which projects in their portfolio have the best combination of strategic value and ROI.

Professional Services

PPM Implementation and Support

Velero assists in initial  SaaS or On-Premises implementation of the product.

Professional and Consulting Services

Velero provides professional and consulting services in the areas of Project Portfolio Management, Enterprise Architecture, Data Architecture and Governance and Interim CTO/CIO.
Velero's professional and consulting services can guide clients in making decisions and developing strategies that bring results and establish concrete plans for the future.

Our Partners

FieldOwler LLC

FieldOwler provides risk management software and solutions to enable businesses and agencies that utilize independent contractors the ability to make informed worker classification decisions for long-term health and success.

Lodestar & Company
Lodestar & Company LLC

odestar & Company is an advisory firm that enables organizations and business owners of small and midsize enterprises (SMEs) and middle-market firms to articulate and seize growth opportunities.

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