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Enterprise Transparency Platform
Project Portfolio Management + Kanban

Velero is offering both SaaS and On-Premises Solution

Why Velero?

Why Velero?

Velero offers a complete organization governance tool set. Enterprise Transparency Platform (ETP) is the core portfolio planning, execution, and change management solution, for business and information technology, offering functionality that is comprehensive, fully integrated, and methodology independent.
Velero Metadata management provides complete business and technical metadata capabilities.
The Velero solution provides an over-arching, holistic view of your enterprise investment in people, time, and money resources. 

What is Velero ETP?

Velero’s Enterprise Transparency Platform is a fully-featured, easy-to-implement and scalable enterprise transparency solution helps align Information Technology (IT) and Business goals, improve IT and business productivity, and achieve corporate objectives through advance planning and validation of organization's initiatives against corporate financial and strategic targets.


Intuitive factual analysis that fosters transparency, mitigates risks and fine-tunes spending by implementing consistent practices and resource demand management.


Easy-to-use functions to provide sponsors, functional and project managers with clear project visibility and financial oversight through effective utilization of resources.


Easy integration with on-premise or other SaaS applications, and
data accessibility via Business Intelligence (BI) tools, as required.

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